Danny's Pain Gone in the Name of Jesus

Monday, April 11, 2016 Posted by Albert Kang

Danny, our Black Knight and Famous Rat Catcher

Written by my own paws - Mercy

Because of age, our brother, Danny's legs were reacting with pain. 

When he was puppy, his hind legs were broken after being hit by a vehicle. He was in the middle of the road and it was raining. Mom rescued him and brought him home. She and Daddy brought him to our aunt who is a Veterinarian and she and her medical fixed his legs. Upon recovery, both hind legs were a little deformed and weak. So Danny walks with a limp now. 

This evening, Daddy heard Danny whimpering and went to help him. Danny was lying on his side and controlling his pain. 

When Daddy touched his hind legs, Danny complained with soft short barks.

Daddy who is a pastor, did the best thing he knew - He laid hands upon Danny's painful legs and commanded the pain to go in the mighty name of Jesus. 

Danny just starred at Daddy with trusting adorable eyes. After the command, he did not groan anymore. 

Suddenly, Danny stood up and ran around the room. Daddy then said, "Praise the Lord".


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